Financial advice designed for...

Your ideal life

To our clients,

Thank you for sharing these memories with us. For taking the leap, for trusting us, for returning paperwork on time….and just being amazing.

Sean and Sharan

Financial success is measured in


We truly believe financial advice is not just about building wealth to ‘grow your portfolio’, it’s about designing your ideal life. Articulating what this means for you and mapping out the various financial pathways is what we do best.

We solve complex financial problems and lay this out in simple English

We will support and educate you on the various complexities around financial problem solving, however; your dreams, challenges and life experiences are uniquely yours. This is why our approach is deep, personal and collaborative without any hidden agendas.

We spend over 8 hours with a new client exploring their ‘why’ before we provide any advice. Our process is much more robust than your standard financial planner.

What we do

We firmly believe that the power of advice is in


This is our primary focus. We don’t charge commissions or % based fees of any kind. You pay us for the advice and support you receive. And we keep each other accountable ensuring results are being achieved.

No commissions

No % based fees

Just pay for our advice and support

We’re here to change how financial advice is delivered

The idea of Intelligere Wealth was seeded a number of years ago. 2 unconventionally-thinking advisers wanting to do things differently. To focus on strategy and NOT on product.

We’re comfortable calling ourselves ‘product agnostic’. If the strategy fits, a product is simply the means to the end. Ironically, financial advice by law is defined as the provision of ‘financial products’ to clients. We want this to change.

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